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Anxiety Therapist Near Me

LL Counseling and Wellness Offers the Most Accessible Anxiety Therapist in the Area.

Does the idea of attending therapy give you anxiety? For individuals struggling with an anxiety disorder, even finding help can become a hurdle in their own minds. This means that amenable solutions need to be available to everyone who needs them, particularly during the global pandemic ushered in by COVID-19.

LL Counseling and Wellness was founded by Lori Lauridsen LMHC, MCAP, CYT, to provide a virtual therapist and in-person therapy solution to her clients throughout Stuart, FL, and the surrounding areas.

Let's take a closer look at how working with a virtual therapist can improve our anxiety while providing us with life-changing solutions.

Find a Virtual Anxiety Therapist at LL Counseling and Wellness

Since COVID-19 has spread across the world, working and living remotely has become more common than ever before. This has extended to the type of mental health and physical wellness solutions that we seek. Lori Lauridsen has prided herself on offering winning virtual therapy solutions and as one of the top anxiety therapists in the area, who can disagree?

Here are a few of the key advantages that come with counseling through a virtual therapist.


  • Therapy on YOUR Time — Virtual therapy allows individuals to control the time and place that they receive their treatment. For people prone to anxiety, this is a particularly huge benefit.

  • Comfort & Safety — The pandemic has made us focus more than ever on our own health and wellness. Finding support for anxiety from the comfort and safety of home is particularly beneficial for those beholden to anxiety.

  • Convenience & Continuity — Flexibility is unparalleled when it comes to working with a virtual anxiety therapist. Simply log into the video conferencing or telephone application for your session and let Lori take care of the rest. No more disruptions due to weather or the pandemic.

To schedule a complimentary consultation ta LL Counseling and Wellness, simply reach out to Lori at your convenience!

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