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Mountain Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat 

Burnsville, NC
October 25th-29th 2023

Transform your life with mindfulness, yoga and holistic wellness.

Imagine this with me:

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Recharge, Rest, Rejuvenate.

~Imagine having your morning coffee here while contemplating the next big adventure for the day.

~Relish in having nothing to do, no where to be but here.

~Read a book you haven't had time for, reflect on what you've experienced or what brings you joy and passion in your life.

~Enjoy deep conversation and connection with friends.

Your retreat, your intention, your way.

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Delicious meals, amenities and workshops, all included!

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Hosted by: Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Yoga Teacher
Lori Lauridsen
Board Certified Holistic
Health Practitioner

Catherine O'Connor

We're so grateful you're here and would love for you to join us!  We are biological, psychological, social and spiritual beings.  Through our more than 20 years of combined experience as healthcare professionals, wellness coaches, yoga teachers and your personal transformation journeys we've curated an exclusive retreat experience alchemizing our mental and physical wellness tools, sacred space creation, mindfulness, movement and meditation expertise just for you.  We're passionate about holistic healing and the transformational experience of retreating that go beyond just a beautiful vacation and speak to the heart and soul of who you are.  Come with us and come back to the true essence of you.

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