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Holistic Addiction and Trauma Therapist

Blending Science, Holistic Practices to Help Your Heal Mind, Body Sprit

Are you the sort of person who

Can teach a rehab group because you’ve been to treatment so many times but can’t seem to keep it together long term?

Understands your triggers, has the coping skills but they only work some of the time.

Feels stuck in the trauma loop of reliving or thinking about what happened to you over and over and nothing has worked.

Has  been sober for a while but you’re still kind of 

Has thought about asking for help with your drinking or using but balk at the label “alcoholic” or an “addict.”

Has a loved one that is struggling with substances and you don’t know how to help them.

Has done a lot of healing of their trauma, addiction and is looking for continued growth and support beyond just living?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get out of that loop?

Is looking for a more holistic approach to healing and therapy?

About Me

If you’re looking for more than the traditional head nod therapist that just listens, that's me! I will give you direct thoughts, suggestions and tools.  There are times when you need a listening ear, and there are times when you just need someone to tell you what they think.  I’m here for both. 
We will explore what has worked and what hasn't worked for you, build a plan that includes skills you can easily implement into your daily life to build the life you desire instead of just surviving or going through the motions.  Talking about it is great, and sharing your story can be a super important part of your healing process. 

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What Service Provide



Addiction therapy

Find Relief with Effective Addiction Recovery


Trauma therapy

Find Relief with Compassionate Trauma Healing

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Yoga Therapy

Find Relief with Personalized Movement Therapy

Holistic Coaching

Find Relief with Holistic


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Find Relief with Natural

Soothing Scents

It takes courage to ask for help and I'm so glad you're here.

Research shows: that 1 in 4 families struggle with addiction and trauma, and at least 75% of all Doctor visits are stress-related. 

In therapy, we will work together to find the missing link to helping you heal so that you can

Stay sober long term

release the pain of your past

live the life you've hoped for but didn't believe you could have! 

You will learn to calm your nervous system, process your story and integrate your experience so that you can finally release the hold your past has on you and feel the peace, joy and connection you’ve been searching for, hoping for but didn't believe you could have! 

Imagine feeling connected, empowered and successful in your recovery process. Holistic counseling and therapy for addiction, and trauma using a proven system that goes beyond your traditional therapist.

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