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Join me Lori Lauridsen and
Holistic Nurse Coach Brittany Cano for the 3rd
Costa Rica Adventure Wellness Retreat!
November 6-13th, 2021

Transformational~Healing~Fun~Wellness~Meaningful Connection~Mindfulness

~7 night stay at 5 star rated Vida Asana School of Yoga

~3 delicious mostly organic & vegan meals daily included + unlimited coffee/tea and fruit

~airport transportation round trip included.

~Transformational workshops

~Wellness workshops

~Mental health workshops

~Daily meditation classes

~Daily community yoga classes

~Acro yoga classes

~Beach, jungle, pool & bike riding time

*And More!

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Calm Your Body, Heal Your Mind-Yoga Therapy to Transform Anxious Energy Workshop

Anxiety and overwhelm are incredibly prevalent today, even in those who have been functioning well in the past.  

Anxiety and trauma are two of the top reasons for relapse on drugs and alcohol.

Learn simple breathing practices, movement and mindset tools to take charge of your emotions and heal your wounds.

*Space is limited, sign up now!  Investment just $45.

Why Work With Me

It takes courage to ask for help and I'm so glad you're here. 1 in 4 families struggle with addiction, at least 75% of all Doctor visits are stress related. When all you want is peace, support and maybe a little encouragement that things can get better, I am here.  

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Healing yourself through the power of therapy, holistic wellness + yoga therapy.

Everyone has within them the capacity to heal themselves.  My job is to help you find your own strengths and to bring awareness, insight and tools that help you do just that. Your first step is stabilization and symptom relief or at least reduction. By creating safety, building relationship and learning tools to not only stay sober, but to stabilize emotionally so that you can do the work needed with as little discomfort as possible.

Online Counseling for drug and alcohol addiction, Substance Abuse and Mental Health, anxiety, stress, emotional trauma and low self-esteem.

Imagine feeling connected, empowered and successful in your recovery process. Holistic counseling and therapy for addiction, anxiety and emotional health using a proven system that goes beyond your traditional therapist.

If you're looking for a new and supportive way of dealing and healing your substance abuse problems, you're in the right place.


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I never realized how relaxing and calming yoga and essential oils can be.  It helps me to stay centered and in the present moment.  It helps to calm my cravings and not think about anything else except right now.  Thank you so much for teaching me this!

- Anonymous


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Lori Lauridsen has been my therapist since 2016. Using a variety of successful techniques to facilitate my recovery from substance abuse, she has been crucial in my path to wellness.  Every session was tailored to my specific and current goals.  By combining cognitive, spiritual and physical approaches, Lori enabled me to finally gravitate toward and accept personal responsibility which in turn fostered healing. She clarified problems and worked through them with me,  using a tool box which to me, seemed to be an endless resource.  As a therapist there is no one other that I could recommend as highly.


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I highly recommend working with Lori Lauridsen.  She has this beautiful way of combining her expertise as a licensed mental health therapist who specializes in addiction, anxiety, and depression into a language and system that everyone can benefit from.  It's also awesome that she is able to incorporate yoga so you really receive this top notch mind, body, spirit experience!  I love working with her & love her character as well.  She also helped me co-facilitate a Wellness Retreat and she was awesome at that too!  Thanks Lori!  xoxo

-Brittany Cano


407-435-5013    |

I work via secure teleconference, zoom and in person in Stuart, FL 

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