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Find Relief with Holistic Therapy



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Addicton Therapy

Addiction Therapy

Overcome your challenges, manage your addiction, reduce or eliminate anxiety and trauma symptoms with individual therapy using evidenced based holistic and scientific practices.


Relieve the pain of your past

Learn and practice proven therapy methods to stop re-experiencing, find relief and integrate your experience to live a life you love.

Yoga Child's Pose

Mind/Body Healing

Meet, Transform and Balance Your mood, heal deep wounds in the body with movement, breath, mantras, mudras.  Experience through individual or group therapy sessions designed for you. 


Essential Oil Therapy

Work with your licensed therapist to chose Certified therapeutic grade oils  individualized to enhance your therapeutic benefits, help heal your brain, reduce or eliminate symptoms and increase your mental wellness.

A Tower of Stones
Mindfulness Training

Healing the Mind

Change your brain by learning simple, practical tools to reduce cravings, manage anxiety and depressive symptoms and enjoy life more!


Change your mind

Bypass limiting beliefs and conscious resistance through relaxation and accessing your natural healing abilities.

Other services include:  counseling, coaching, groups, specialized retreats, webinars, masterclasses, meditation etc.

Please connect with me for a complimentary consultation to see which service is best for you and your journey to wellness. 

I was new to all this when I met Lori.  I'd never done yoga and wasn't sure about therapy.  I had no idea how helpful yoga can be.  It's so relaxing and brings me to the present moment.  I'm super anxious all the time and I could feel the stress leaving my body.  I can use these tools for my cravings and my anxiety, which is a big part of why I used.  Thank you so  much!



Lori Lauridsen has been my therapist since 2016. Using a variety of successful techniques to facilitate my recovery from substance abuse, she has been crucial in my path to wellness.  Every session was tailored to my specific and current goals.  By combining cognitive, spiritual and physical approaches, Lori enabled me to finally gravitate toward and accept personal responsibility which in turn fostered healing. She clarified problems and worked through them with me,  using a tool box which to me, seemed to be an endless resource.  As a therapist there is no one other that I could recommend as highly.


I highly recommend working with Lori Lauridsen.  She has this beautiful way of combining her expertise as a licensed mental health therapist who specializes in addiction, anxiety, and depression into a language and system that everyone can benefit from.  It's also awesome that she is able to incorporate yoga so you really receive this top notch mind, body, spirit experience!  I love working with her & love her character as well.  She also helped me co-facilitate a Wellness Retreat and she was awesome at that too!  Thanks Lori!  xoxo

Brittany Cano


407-435-5013    |    info@lorilauridsen.com

I serve clients online via telehealth, phone and in person in Stuart, FL

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