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Yoga Therapy

Holistic Wellness 101: Rejuvenating Benefits of Yoga Therapy.

We are living in increasingly health-focused times. As we learn to understand the needs of our body as well as the value of proper mental health, holistic wellness solutions like yoga therapy continue to grow and gain acclaim. Yoga therapy is an exciting and therapeutic way to approach healing our body and our mind while under the guidance of a professional at LL Counseling and Wellness.

For individuals looking to embrace holistic wellness in a way that is applicable at home, keep on reading to see how yoga therapy can bring benefits to YOUR life.

Yoga Therapy & Holistic Wellness: Key Mental and Physical Benefits

Yoga therapy is simply the process of exploring yoga while applying certain mental and physical support practices. The goal of yoga therapy is to cater to all three of our emotional, mental, and physical health. Yoga therapy explored under the guidance of Lori Lauridsen LMHC, MCAP, CYT, involves a range of yoga practices under the guidance of single or group guided sessions.

Exploring yoga therapy and holistic wellness with LL Counseling and Wellness can lead to improvements in a number of areas of our mental and physical health, including the following!


  • Reduce or Outright Eliminate Cravings

  • Treat Symptoms of Anxiety & Trauma

  • Address Potential Sleeping Disorders (Insomnia)

  • Maintain an Active Lifestyle to Boost Endorphins

  • Become More Mindful of our Bodies

To begin an exploration of holistic wellness through yoga therapy, consider reaching out for a free consultation at LL Counseling and Wellness! By booking a free initial 30-minute consultation, Lori can make sure that her services are the right match for your needs. Whether you are looking to address your mental health or simply support your existing wellness routine, Lori and the team at LL Counseling and Wellness are more than happy to provide help.

Book your yoga therapy, today!

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