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Yoga Therapy & Holistic Wellness

Yoga therapy is simply the process of exploring therapeutic Hatha-based yoga practices such as movements (asanas), breathing practices, mudras (hand gestures), sounds, Mantras (affirmations), meditation and mindfulness practices specifically designed to support your mental, emotional and physical health. These are all individualized based on your specific needs, and physical and emotional abilities, no experience or flexibility is required.

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Key Mental and Physical Benefits

Wounds (both physical and emotional) are many times held in the body, and when we are wounded, we tend to be disconnected from the body. Exploring the body mindfully and with an experienced guide can help change the brain and body to heal these wounds in a deep way often missing in traditional psychotherapy. Yoga therapy and holistic wellness coaching with LL Counseling and Wellness can lead to improvements in several areas of our mental and physical health, including the following:

Reduce or Outright Eliminate Cravings

Treat Symptoms of Anxiety & Trauma

Address Potential Sleeping Disorders (Insomnia)

Maintain an Active Lifestyle to Boost Endorphins

Become More Mindful and connect our Bodies

To begin an exploration of holistic wellness through yoga therapy, consider reaching out for a free consultation at LL Counseling and Wellness! 

By booking a free initial 30-minute consultation,
Lori can make sure that her services are the right match for your needs. Whether you are looking to address your mental health or simply support your wellness routine, Lori and the team at LL Counseling and Wellness are more than happy to help.


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