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Substance Use/Addiction Therapy

Online Therapy + Substance Abuse Counseling: Find Support at LL Counseling and Wellness.

Wherever you are in your journey I’m so glad you’re hereIf some of the previous statements resonated with you, here’s more information for you.  

It is my honor to help clients with Substance use and trauma heal their mind, body and spirit by blending evidenced based science and holistic practices.

So that you can get out of the unending loop and into your ideal life!


There is hope.  There is another way!


If you're the person who can teach a rehab group, has had periods of sobriety and continues to struggle, or feels like something is missing,  

It can be so frustrating and overwhelming to feel like treatment isn’t working, not to mention the shame spiral of “what’s wrong with me that I’m back here again?”  Or the so often heard “I know what to do I just need to do it.”


Remember that substance use is a complex problem and there is no one answer as to where it comes from, AND There is no one pathway to recovery. 

What has been proven over and over again is that beating yourself up and staying in that Shame spiral DOESN’T WORK.

In our work together we do a deep dive into what has worked in your treatment, what hasn’t worked, and what pieces you might still need to learn.  We use tools such as cognitive behavioral techniques, dialectical behavior techniques, mindfulness, yoga therapy, transformational techniques and more to create a whole person, holistic plan for long term recovery and healing.

​Two of the most common risks for relapse are inability to regulate your nervous system (otherwise known as negative emotions) and unhealed or activated trauma

(symptoms of trauma such as flashbacks, nightmares, high anxiety, reliving.) 

Don’t worry, we’ll work on this together!

Check out the page on Trauma therapy for more info, or my blog on how to heal your trauma without becoming retraumatized.

For someone who is unsure about the label "alcoholic/addict" or whether substance us is a problem for you, remember:

You don’t have to be an addict or alcoholic to come to therapy. 

How great would it be to figure it out before your life falls apart?!

In therapy we use diagnoses, and there really isn’t a diagnosis of alcoholic or addict.  We do have a continuum of Substance Use Disorders that talks about your use and how it’s affecting your life.  That’s the real question. 

How is your substance use affecting your life?  What has you thinking about asking for help? 

Those are the questions we can explore in therapy so that you can live your best life!   Check out my blog on Substance Use Disorders and the Stages of Change for more information.

For more support, jump on a free consult with me and we can talk a little bit more about the process and what that might look like.  We can explore YOUR goals and what you might like to be different based on YOUR VALUES.

If you're someone who has a loved one that is struggling with substances and you don’t know how to help them.

First, it takes a lot of courage to be in your position.  Loving someone who’s struggling in this way is not easy.  Kudos to you for looking into ways to help your loved one.  Know that there is hope and help no matter what stage of change that person is.  And regardless of whether they choose to seek help, there is support for you!  ​See the information above on substance use disorders and the stages of change and schedule a free consultation to explore options for you and your loved one.

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