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Balance Within Holistic Addiction
and Yoga Therapy

A Journey to Healing through group therapy infused with therapeutic yoga and holistic healing tools.

What if you could...?

Eliminate Cravings

Learn and practice potent tools to reduce and eliminate the symptoms, and thoughts that fuel your cravings.

Release Your Past

Share in a way that heals, creates an uplifting

Find Peace

Create an environment of stability, comfort in your own skin and quiet the noise within.

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Release the guilt and shame of your past

let go of the old wounds and patterns in your brain and body.

Increase feelings of hope, peace and joy for the future and build a healthy sober community.
All from the comfort of your own home!

Learn and implement practical tools to shift your addictive patterns to recovery patterns in simple, supported steps. This is recovery 2.0

You're Not Alone: Shatter the Shame and Discover Joy Beyond Addiction

Have you ever been to a support group meeting and thought, man this is just making me want to drink/use more? I need a place where we’re not just talking about drinking and using. I need to see that things can be different. Have you ever thought I’m so different from everyone else, what’s wrong with me?

What if you learned that you’re not alone? I mean not just heard it, but FELT it. People are experiencing what you have, AND it is possible to move beyond the pain. Beyond the loneliness, the shame, the fear that it will always be this way.

To experience the peace of being calm and comfortable within WITHOUT drugs and alcohol. To experience the connection of a community that gets you. Not just in your pain, but in your hope and joy too. That doesn’t just commiserate with you in your stories. That supports and encourages your successes and feels them with you! That is what this group, this community is about. That is what I hope for every one of you.

The Strength of Shared Healing Why Group Therapy Works

The journey back to wholeness is paved with connection. Our therapeutic group offers a safe space to

Find solace in shared

Realize you're not alone, and let understanding flow between you and your peers.

Gain strength from positive peer support

Witness the triumphs of others and feel their encouragement lift you up.

the isolation

Build a loving community that celebrates your victories and holds you in times of challenge.

Stay accountable on your path

With the gentle nudge of group support, stay committed to your transformation.

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What’s different about this group?

Process your challenges and successes in recovery

Reinforce recovery patterns in the brain

Calm your central nervous system

Implement doable mindfulness techniques

Yoga nidra(Yogic sleep) for deeper healing

unconscious memories and patterns

Address root cause patterns of relapse

Trauma healing

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Unlock Your Joy!

In the 90 days it takes to change our brain, you can experience a transformation you can feel and see

Take the first step toward a life filled with joy, peace, and authentic connection.

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